Monday, 17 september

We arrived at RIC, checked my one bag plus I have a carry on and my “school bag” (aka. purse). I got scanned by that machine that probably sees everything, but Sarah, the TSA agent was very nice and didn’t even giggle. I had a “bulkhead” seat on the flight to New York (JFK) so used it to do some physical therapy exercise. Heidi, my PT, would have approved.

At JFK all the bells rang as I walked through their scanner (the titanium rod in my femur – a souvenir from the fall over a laptop cord in class back in December). The TSA agent, Iris was stern but efficient in the pat down. Did I give up certain rights to privacy? Who knows, and I don’t care, as long as we get safely to our destinations. I almost lost the water bottle I’d filled after clearing security in Richmond. Maybe that influenced Iris’ attitude.

Penny, Jamie and I had a snack, then boarded and the flight departed on time.

The adventure begins!



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