Vác scenes

You can read about:
Vác’s founding = http://www.vac.hu/nyelv/eng/index.php?page=latnivalok

Vác’s sites = http://www.vac.hu/nyelv/eng/index.php?page=nevezetesseg

streetfrom riverA street leading up from the river.
MyhouseMy guesthouse Taban Panzio
That is my balcony
CarillonThe carillon that chimes each quarter hour.
marketEastern side of the street market (with the church behind)
churchInside the church.
streetThis pedesrtian & bicycle street leads from the train station to the square.
friendhouseMy friends’ house – many buildings are painted stucco which brightens dark winter days.

20120924-025956.jpgPastry shop display window … but the aromas inside, delightful!

Lea and Doug at the baseball field – Saturday morning practice with eleven kids!

The restaurant is a long way down … but worth it

This was the wedding table … but look at that garden!


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